AudIO is a non-commercial music player for Windows®. I designed it with the goal to combine only the few important features I use in other media players like Winamp® and get rid of all the useless stuff that annoyed me. Audio currently provides the following features:
  • Load and save .pls playlists (autosaving current playlist on exit)
  • Add & remove songs from playlist (duh)
  • Delete files from playlist
  • Quick song search (searching in the title, artist and album tag)
  • ID3 tags (reading them only at the moment)
  • Hotkeys for play/pause, next, previous, volume up/down
  • Hotkey to remove the current song from the playlist and skip to the next song. This makes it easy to create a "favourite songs" playlist while just listening to your playlist and occasionally press the hotkey if you don't like a song.

Latest version: 1.2
  • Volume, Shuffle, current song and window size & position are being saved to a settings file now. (on exit)
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Combined expand & collapse into one button
  • Dropped file deletion in favor of drag&drop
  • Download